Horizontal packaging machines

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Horizontal packaging machines

On all of our horizontal packaging machines for production of flow-pack bags we install control systems by CMZ

Horizontal packaging machines with UPPER reel of film

Horizontal packaging machines with LOWER reel of film


Horizontal packaging machines pack piece products into three seams bags.

Piece-products: bakery and confectionery, frozen semi-finished products, printing products, toys, etc.

Small piece-products: cookies, candy in corex.

Group package: products can be packaged into groups.
Packaging machines with lower location of the film reel can pack products, which do not have a form, dirtying.

Horizontal packaging machines can be used in a small enterprises
for package of several types of the products, and on a large factories — for package of the wide range of products.
Programmable control panel of business class machines allows you to quickly switch between types of products and types of packaging.
For small business we offer semi-automatic models of horizontal packing machines with a minimum set of necessary functions.


Advantages of the product package with horizontal machines:

easy transportation and storage;

retention of product properties and hygiene;

informing the customer with info you want to communicate;

brand awareness.