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Remote control system for production

We design and produce remote control systems for packaging equipment


We have developed remote monitoring system of the packaging equipment for work in online mode and simplify collection of the statistical information for the entire period of its operation.

It allows to the manufacturer:

real-time information about packaging equipment performance or for any period of operation;

tracking the percentage ratio of defective and normal products;

control the costs of energy and material resources;

output of reports about equipment performance in the format of PDF or EXEL.
The system of remote monitoring of the equipment is integrated with vertical and horizontal packaging machines, as well as our other equipment. We supply remote control system in pre-made control board with an industrial controller. You can access to the collected data through a web browser.


Collection, formation and analysis of the statistic information about the packaging machine takes a lot of time and efforts.
Often, due to influence of the human factor, obtained statistic data may differ from the facts, and incorrect information can lead to negative consequences for the manufacturer. If several packaging machines are working at the same time,
the volume of the statistic information increases significantly, both as a risk of mistakes with them.
The remote monitoring system allows to the manager, without waiting for the reports from staff, at any time to view the data on the operation of each machine: total output, average machine productivity, electrical power consumption, voltage, scrap percentage, etc.