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Vertical packaging machines

Choose vertical packaging machine for flow-pack bags





We produce vertical packing machines for granulated, bulk, small-piece food and non-food products to be packed into in three seams flow-pack bags, formed from heat-sealed packaging film in reels. It is equipped with dosers, conveyors and other necessary devices.

Products to be packed:

• powdered products: flour, grounded spices, milk powder, chemical and construction mixtures, washing powder and other products of similar structure;

• bulk products: cereals, sugar, tea, granulated coffee, nuts, pasta;

• small pieces products: cookies, sweets, dumplings, frozen fruits and vegetables, dough with humidity not more than 15%.

Vertical filling and packing machines can be used both at small enterprises, and at large facilities for packaging a wide range of products. Programmable control panel of business class machines allows you to quickly switch between types of products and types of packaging. For small business there are semi-automatic machines with a set of necessary functions, compact and relatively inexpensive.

Advantages of flow-pack bags packaging:

easy transportation and storage;

retention of properties of the product and hygiene;

informing of the consumers with your data;

brand awareness.

Vertical packaging equipment works with weighing, volumetric or screw dosers.